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Why does asphalt deteriorate?

Paved surfaces take a pounding from a number of sources. Left unprotected, asphalt can show wear sooner than it should. Sources of continued wear and damage include:

  1. Water: Rain and melting snow penetrate asphalt and destroys its base.
  2. Sunlight: Oxidation caused by sunlight breaks down the asphalt glue or bonding agent that holds the paving aggregate together. That results in shrinkage which creates cracks, allowing water to seep in and do more damage.
  3. Gas and Oil spots: These spots aren't just unsightly. Gas and oil compounds break down the aggregate bonding agent at a substantial rate.
  4. Poor Construction: Sometimes you're just stuck with a bad job to begin with. The company that originally laid your pavement may not have built enough of a base or laid enough asphalt ... or both.

Whatever the cause, the services offered by Bronco Asphalt can extend the life of your pavement for years. Select the links below to learn more about our services in detail: