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Asphalt Sealcoating

Asphalt begins to oxidize and dry out immediately following installation. Sealcoating is a key step toward protecting your asphalt investment.

Asphalt sealcoating is a bituminous surface treatment consisting of a thin, water-proof layer to protect pavement and to increase resistance to skids. Protective professional-grade sealant provides a tough barrier to the pavement surface and slows oxidation and deterioration. Bronco Asphalt Maintenance recommends sealcoating following the first winter your asphalt is installed and every 2-3 years afterward depending on traffic volume and snowplow damage.

Sealcoating benefits

Asphalt lasts longer: Sealcoating extends the life cycle by approximately 300% with regular maintenance. Scheduling regular application:

  • Stops raveling of aggregate
  • Beautifies pavement -- restores 'like new' appearance
  • Enhances the safe use of the asphalt surface.

Protects against source damage: Our professional-grade sealant resists and protects asphalt against:

  • Oil & Grease
  • Gasoline/Petroleum
  • De-icing salts
  • Ultraviolet sun damage

Application process

Because laying down a sealcoat will make your driveway or portions of your parking lot unusable for at least 24 hours while the sealant cures, we'll confer with you to schedule for days that will minimize the impact on your business or home life.

Bronco Asphalt Maintenance begins the project by clearing the surface of any weeds or intruding grass, then cleaning the asphalt to remove all dirt and debris. Since oil and gas spots are repellant to sealers, our staff may also apply a sealcoating primer to create a better bond.

Our technicians apply the sealer by pressurized spray or a hand broom method, depending on the surface or preference of the customer. Proper mixing of sand with the sealer improves skid resistance and durability; adding latex re-enforcers enhances the properties of the sealer and accelerates the drying phase for a smooth and consistent finish. Additives also increase the flexibility and durability of the asphalt as well as protects against petroleum and chemical damage.

All asphalt sealants are not the same. Bronco Asphalt Maintenance quality controls ensure that the professional-grade material applied by our technicians is mixed to exact specifications and application rates.